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Different Types of Roofing Materials: Your Wide Range of Options
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If you’re like anyone else who wants to replace the home’s roof, you’re probably wondering about the different types of roofing materials in Maryland that are available to you.

For many homeowners in cities like Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, Pasadena, and other places throughout the state, having options when it comes to roof renovation can seem more daunting than liberating.

But it doesn’t have to be.

If you want to learn more the different types of roofing materials in Maryland, keep reading this page.

Shingles, Asphalt, Copper, and So Much More

Choosing the right material for your home roof installation shouldn’t be a guessing game. The number of choices that are available to you bring different qualities with them and, depending on your needs, one material might be better than another.

So take a look at some of your options and see how each one could potentially fit as part of your own home.

  • Asphalt – This material is the go-to for many homeowners because its light weight nature keeps it affordable and its low maintenance makes keeping it for years headache free.It can come in different colors so, even if you pick this extremely popular material, your selection doesn’t have to look exactly like every other home that has an asphalt roof.
  • Wood – Fans of classic looks won’t find anything better than a rooftop made of something like cedar shakes.The head turning looks that a wooden rooftop brings to your home are pleasing to the eye and the natural insulation that wood brings to your attic will spell relief for your wallet.With a wooden roof on your home, you can keep your energy bills manageable over time and have more money to do the things you want.
  • Metal – This can come in copper, steel, aluminum, and many of other types.Regardless of which one you choose, this is one of the different types of roofing materials that offers homeowners an almost unparalleled level of durability, meaning that it can stay in place for decades.On top of that, metal rooftops also block heat during the summer, making it easier to keep your home cool when you really need it.
  • Fiber Cement – This material has gained a fair amount of recognition for being both tough and affordable.

It can be painted any color you want, withstand cold weather, insects, and mold, and has the advantage of being readily available, which means that it can be installed quickly.

This is an ideal roofing material for the homeowner who wants a sturdy investment that’s sure to last a long time.

Of the different types of roofing materials, the four listed above are some of the most popular with homeowners looking to protect their homes.

The features that these different materials bring to the table will ensure that your property and possessions are kept safe at all times.

So now that you have an idea of what each material can do for you, how can you make sure your plans for roof installation come together?

Roof Installation and Replacement with Jerry’s Siding

Because the roof is such an important part of the home, the last thing you want to do is leave anything to chance when it comes to choosing from different types of roofing materials and putting the one you want into place.

With Jerry’s Siding on the job, you won’t have to worry about that happening.

With over 25 years of experience in roofing, siding, and various other home improvement projects, we guarantee that your roofing will be taken care of with the kind of expertise you’d expect from highly trained and certified roofing contractors.

Our process is thorough enough to cover everything you need from your roofing material and our services are available all over the state of Maryland, as well as in areas of Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

So no matter where you are, no matter what you need, we have you covered.

When you’re ready to get started, call us at (410) 766-6800 or contact us online by clicking here.

We’ll help you sort through the different types of roofing materials and choose the one that’s right for you before work begins!


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